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Graduate Student Becky Rodriguez Receives WCC Merck Research Award

Becky Rodriguez, a 4th-year graduate student in the Haynes group, has received the Women Chemists Committee (WCC)/Merck Research Award, which recognizes research excellence. Eight female chemists in their third or fourth year of graduate school were chosen to receive this award and present their research at the 2020 WCC Merck Research Awards Symposium at the fall American Chemical Society national meeting. Congrats, Becky! Read more

Graduate Student Beza Tuga Receives Robert L. Ferm Outstanding TA Award

Graduate Student Beza Tuga (Haynes group) received the Robert L. Ferm Outstamnding TA Award. In the words of one of her students: “Simply put, Beza has been the best TA of any subject during my time here at the University of Minnesota. No other TA had the ability to clearly explain tasks, make chemistry interesting, or relate to her students as well as Beza did.” Congratulations, Beza!

Graduate Student Stephanie Mitchell Receives Tim Salo Leadership Award

CSN Graduate Student Stephanie Mitchell (Carlson group) received the Tim Salo Leadership Award, granted every year by the University of Minnesota Council of Graduate Students “to recognize the recipient’s leadership and service to fellow graduate students.” Congratulations, Stephanie!

Graduate Student Kelly Zhang Wins Excellence in Research Award

Congratulations to Kelly Zhang (Hamers group) for winning the Richard and Joan Hartl Excellence in Research Award from the Department of Chemistry at UW-Madison! The award is given annually to the graduate student who conducted the most outstanding research in Materials Chemistry.

Professor Rigoberto Hernandez Wins 2020 IMPACT Award

Congratulations to Professor Rigoberto Hernandez (Johns Hopkins University), who won the 2020 IMPACT Award from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA), which you can read about here. The IMPACT Award “recognizes the work of an outstanding Cottrell Scholar who has had a national impact in science through leadership and service activities.”

Professor Vivian Feng Selected as Fulbright Scholar

Professor Vivian Feng (Augsburg University) was selected as a Fulbright scholar for a four month teaching/research position at the Graz Technical University in Austria in 2020-2021. You can read more about the position here. Congratulations Vivian!

Grad Student Liz Laudadio Earns Certification from UW-Madison Delta Program

Liz Laudadio (Hamers group) earned her certification from the UW-Madison Delta Program in Research, Teaching, and Learning (shown with her committee after the defense). The certificate recognizes a significant commitment, effort, and achievement toward developing teaching knowledge and skills (full description here). Only about 100 certificates have ever been awarded!

Diamond Jones Wins Graduate Fellowship

Diamond Jones, a fourth-year graduate student in the Mason lab, was recently awarded a Graduate Diversity Fellowship from the Graduate College at the University of Iowa. Congratulations Diamond!