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CSN Graduate Student Leslie Sigmon Chosen for SciPol Scholars-in-Residence Program

Congratulations to CSN graduate student Leslie Sigmon who was chosen for the Science Policy Scholars program!

“The Science Policy (SciPol) Scholars-in-Residence Program provides hands-on training and experiential learning opportunities for early-career scientists and engineers seeking to build and use their skills in policymaking. Scholars are selected from a competitive applicant pool to participate in a six-week boot camp where they learn key skills in science policy, communication, and professional development. Scholars who complete the boot camp are then eligible to be matched with host offices for a remote “residency” (internship) in which they can put their skills into practice.” (NSPN, 2021)

See Leslie and all the other cohorts that were accepted into this program here on Twitter and the SciPol website.  

Source: NSPN Twitter