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Media Appearances

Juan Pablo Giraldo Podcast Appearance

Podcast interview on Nano Matters with CSN faculty member Juan Pablo Giraldo. He discusses how nanosensers will be able to communicate their health status with plants via fluorescence/light intensity. This technology can be used to detect hazardous substances as well. Listen here.

UMN Article Highlights CSN Associate Director Christy Haynes

REad the article highlighting our CSN Associate Director on the importance and use of nanoparticles: “You can’t see any of the nanoparticles we make but they can be used to deliver drugs to fight disease or transport nutrients to increase crop yield. They can also be used to sense things or to make things visible. For example, we have a collaboration with Ecolab on some nanoparticles we make, and the goal is to incorporate them into products so you can trace where the products have been used.”  Christy Haynes

CSN Affiliate Dr. Mike Curry Skegee Spotlight

“As an HBCU faculty and researcher, I aim to increase the number of highly trained minority professionals within the STEM and entrepreneurship pipelines, I want to strategically move the needle forward on minority-inspired innovation, and powerfully influence the movement of STEM diversity,” Mike Curry Read the full article here.

Prof. Rigoberto Hernandez Joins John Hopkins Task Force

“Barriers to diversity and equity are often exacerbated by a lack of access to unwritten rules or unstated expectations for success … as an institution, we have the power to remove this inequity entirely by being completely transparent in all of our rules and decisions, and by communicating our expectations for success to every member of our community.” Rigoberto Hernandez, professor of chemistry in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Professor Rigoberto Hernandez was announced Roadmap 2020 Task Force co-chair in March 2021. The task force was announced in July 2020 by JHU President Daniels, to “reassess and renew our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion and to begin the process of moving toward a new set of robust… Read More »Prof. Rigoberto Hernandez Joins John Hopkins Task Force

Nanotechnology Flashcard Deck Created by CSN Students

Check out the Lifeology virtual flashcard deck created by University of Minnesota Ph.D. student Stephanie Mitchell, University of Wisconsin-Madison grad students Jaya Borgatta and Paige Kinsley, Lifeology co-founder Paige Jarreau and artist Elfy Chiang. This deck is a quick introduction to what happens to nanoparticles in the environment? “But, we also don’t want to have another asbestos or DDT problem where we start using all of this new technology and new science without fully understanding any lasting repercussions,” Stephanie Mitchell (UMN CSE, 2021). Check out the virtual flashcards here as well.

Bob Hamers

CSN Research Featured in UW Madison Letters & Science Magazine

Letters & Science Magazine, a publication of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s College of Letters & Science, has featured CSN research in its Fall 2019 issue. The article “Small Wonders,” by Aaron R. Conklin, discusses recent work in the lab of Director Bob Hamers studying copper phosphate nanoflakes, their use in agricultural applications, and the ability to control the size, shape, and composition of nanomatierals. The magazine can be found online here.