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Jaya Borgatta and Zack Jones Awarded McCoy Award (Jaya) and Roger Carlson Award (Zack)

Congratulations to Jaya Borgatta and Zack Jones (UW-Madison) for receiving the Mike McCoy Award (Jaya) and the Roger Carlson Award (Zack).

The Roger Carlson Award is given to an analytical student who best uses instrumentation and research at the intersection of physics and chemistry.

The Mike McCoy Award is given to a student who is doing materials-related research who best exemplifies “Mike’s love of chemistry and love of life! Mike was a student in Bob Hamers’ group who passed away 11 years ago from a heart condition.

Both awards come with nice cash awards and a nice entry on the vita.

Congrats to Zack and Jaya!

Zack Jones (left) and Jaya Borgatta (right).