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Graduate Student Rebeca Rodriguez Defends Thesis

Rebeca Rodriguez (Haynes group) successfully defended her doctoral thesis, titled “Leveraging Linear Polymer Affinity Agents and Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering for the Detection of Food Contaminants” on November 5, 2021. Becky will be here at UMN for a bit longer before departing for a position as an analyst at a government agency. Congratulations, Dr. Rodriguez!

Lifeology Flashcard Course by CSN Students Teaches How to Write About Science Collaboratively

View the Deck Here Check out the Lifeology virtual flashcard deck created by University of Minnesota Ph.D. student Stephanie Mitchell, University of Wisconsin-Madison grad students Paige Kinsley, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station postdoctoral scholar Dr. Jaya Borgatta, Lifeology co-founder Paige Jarreau, and artist Alberta Torres. This deck is a quick introduction to how to write about science collaboratively.

CSN Graduate Student Becky Curtis Receives Prestigious Sea Grant Fellowship

UWM PhD Graduate Student Becky Curtis Receives Prestigious Sea Grant Fellowship. Becky Curtis’ research in the Klaper lab analyzes how nanoparticles are affecting aquatic organisms. She will be a fisheries management specialist in NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service, Office of Sustainable Fisheries, where she will monitor and report on highly migratory species such as tunas, sharks, swordfish, and billfish, in the U.S. Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. She will learn about fisheries reporting/monitoring, rulemaking, and presenting data and policy information to stakeholders.

Graduate Student Dongyue Liang Defends Thesis

Dongyue Liang (Cui group) successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis,entitled “Computational Studies at Nanomaterial-Biological Interfaces” onAugust 12th, 2021. He’s now a postdoc at the University of Chicago in the lab of Juan de Pablo. Congratulations, Dr. Liang!

CSN Affiliate Dr. Mike Curry Skegee Spotlight

“As an HBCU faculty and researcher, I aim to increase the number of highly trained minority professionals within the STEM and entrepreneurship pipelines, I want to strategically move the needle forward on minority-inspired innovation, and powerfully influence the movement of STEM diversity,” Mike Curry Read the full article here.

Graduate Student Irene Metz Defends Thesis

Irene K. Metz (Mason group) successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis on July 23, 2021. Irene is a chemistry instructor at Hawkeye Community College. For her thesis, they carried out some traditional DFT projects and alsodeveloped/implemented/assessed activities using open-source comp chemistry in first year classes at HCC. She also used Sustainable Nano blog posts to build class activities during covid to keep their students engaged with real-world applications of chemistry. Congratulations, Dr. Metz!

Graduate Student Zachary Jones Defends Thesis

Zachary Jones successfully defended his thesis on June 28th, 2021. He is a part of the Hamers group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The title of his thesis is “Optical Characterization of Fluorescent Diamond Nanoparticles in Complex Environments.” Zack’s  defense was followed by traditional Hamers group “themed snacks” such as Laser Diode Rice Krispie treats that shoot out 532 nm Gummi Strips. Congratulations, Dr. Jones!

Graduate Student Jaya Borgatta Defends Thesis

Jaya Borgatta successfully defended her thesis on June 22nd, 2021. She is a part of the Hamers group at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The title of her thesis is “Understanding the influence of Cu-based nanoparticle properties on interactions with plant systems and disease suppression.” Jaya has accepted a postdoc position in Jason White’s group at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. Congratulations, Dr. Borgatta!

Dr. Theresa Gaines is CSN’s Scholar-in-Residence

The CSN is delighted to announce Dr.Theresa Gaines as the Scholar-in-Residence for the 2021 summer. Dr. Gaines will focus her work on educational chemistry games. Dr. Gaines is currently an Assistant Professor at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi where she teaches primarily organic chemistry. She also founded Big Magnet Games to develop fluency in chemistry through card and tabletop games. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Dixie State University. Before this she completed a Bio-Bus Fellowship at Georgia State University. In addition, she is an amateur cheesemaker and writes the occasional blog on the subject found here. Dr. Gaines is also known as @gathwaegl on social media.