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Professor Christy Haynes named new head of the University of Minnesota Department of Chemistry

Congratulations to Professor Christy Haynes, Associate Director of the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology, for becoming the new head of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota. She will begin her duties on July 1st, 2023 when she will become the first woman to hold this position. Read a News Release featuring Professor Haynes here!

CSN Scientists develop new benchtop reactor for nanoparticles

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In a paper just published in ACS Nano, CSN researchers Sam Lohse and his mentor, Catherine Murphy, describe a new benchtop reactor system that can be used for high-throughput functionalization of nanoparticles with different sizes and shapes.  In initial tests the reactor has been used to make gram-scale quantities of gold nanospheres and nano-rods in a highly reproducile, automated manner.  The reactor design should also be applicable to other types of metallic nanoparticles such as silver and copper.  The reactor enables synthesis of large batches of identically functionalized nanoparticles that can then be distributed to other researchers. The new work will enable scientists to replicate one another's work and will enhance our ability to understand how nanoparticles interact with the environment. More information about… Read More »CSN Scientists develop new benchtop reactor for nanoparticles

CSN at the Engineering Expo!

We have developed an educational activity centered around our fluorescent nanodiamonds! Madison-based CSN scientists will be assisting schoolchildren and the general public with this activity at this year's Engineering Expo in Madison, WI Thursday, Friday, and Saturday April 18-20. Can't make it to Madison? Stay tuned on our blog,, for an upcoming post where you can see the activity!

CSN on Minnesota Public Radio

Minnesota Public Radio has just published an article about our nanotechnology and the environment featuring interviews with Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology Investigator Christy Haynes and Center Director Bob Hamers. You can hear the interviews with Christy and Bob by going directly to the audio below and/or the text of the article.