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UMN Article Highlights CSN Associate Director Christy Haynes

REad the article highlighting our CSN Associate Director on the importance and use of nanoparticles: “You can’t see any of the nanoparticles we make but they can be used to deliver drugs to fight disease or transport nutrients to increase crop yield. They can also be used to sense things or to make things visible. For example, we have a collaboration with Ecolab on some nanoparticles we make, and the goal is to incorporate them into products so you can trace where the products have been used.”  Christy Haynes

Two UMN Undergrads Awarded Fellowships

Two Haynes group undergraduate researchers were recognized by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota this Spring (see the news release for department awards here). Meghan Cahill (left) was awarded the 2019 Lloyd W. Goerke scholarship, which recognizes a junior chemistry majors who has shown outstanding academic achievement. Elaine Kappel (right) was chosen for the 2019 Robert C. Brasted Memorial Fellowship, which is awarded to a junior who has expressed an interest in a teaching career in chemistry. Additionally, both Meghan and Elaine were among 10 chemistry students who received Summer Research Fellowships. Congratulations Meghan and Elaine!